How to Create a Wikipedia Page for Yourself?

According to the Rankings of Alexa, with average annual views of 22.67 billion, Wikipedia is one of the top five most visited sites in the world. It hosts nearly 55.31 million articles today and almost 52.07 million pages with authenticated and reliable information. The two major reasons for this site being successful are the easy accessibility to data and the availability of the data in nearly 314 languages. The site continues to secure the position of a market leader with utmost dedication and innovation in the systems.

As technology has updated, the advancements in the lives of people have also taken place at a rapid pace. There is an ultimate need for innovation in the process of making yourself a brand. Wikipedia has initially started as an encyclopedia. but today, along with sustaining the status of being number one as an encyclopedia, it has become an effective tool for personal branding. Hence, it does not matter which sector or industry you are serving, a Wikipedia page will be your identity. It is a great platform to ignite one’s potential and exhibit it in front of the world.

However, it is not an easy task to create a Wikipedia page for yourself. There might be rejections and edits required. It may make you feel like giving up on your personal branding process. However, if you want to create a Wikipedia page for yourself that is flawless and perfect, then go through this guide

Process of How to Make a Wikipedia Page for Yourself

You must have asked yourself this, can I make a Wikipedia page about myself, will it be effective, and so on. The answer to all your questions is yes, you can and it will be beneficial for you. To clear out things for you, the benefits of a Wikipedia page for your online journey are stated in the latter part. For now, let’s get started on the procedure of how to get a Wikipedia page about yourself. To make things easy for you, the guide is divided into three major parts which are followed by various steps to follow.

Part One: Get Started on the Journey with an account

Just like a kid cannot learn to write without a pencil, you cannot create your digital presence without a Wikipedia page until you make a Wikipedia account for yourself. Before you proceed with the process of creating a Wikipedia page for yourself, know that a Wikipedia ‘page’ and a Wikipedia ‘account’ are two different things. An account is a basic ingredient to make a page or to make a Wikipedia article about yourself. The steps to create a Wikipedia account are these:

  1. Search for and open it
  2. Select ‘English’ as your language
  3. Click on the option of ‘create account’ at the top right corner of the home screen
  4. Fill the form for your account registration that appears on your screen
  5. Go to the email address you have provided and open the email from Wikipedia
  6. Click on the account confirmation link and confirm your account
  7. Go to the homepage again and log in with your credentials

That’s it! With these simple steps, your first part of can I make a Wikipedia page for myself is executed smoothly.

Part Two: Buckle Up for the Practical Journey

Think of a child wanting to pass the exam. He has to learn things and practice them all year long to become the student of the year. Similarly, to create a successful Wikipedia page and get it approved, you need to do the required activity and generate a good positive reputation on the platform. In short, you have to edit other relevant pages if there are any incompetence or errors in the already present content. The more relevant changes you do, the better your reputation will be. Keep the fact in mind that you do not have to do unnecessary changes because the experts will reject those and it will add up as a negative reputation. Once you know which strings to hit, your second part of how do I create a Wikipedia page for myself will be completed.

How to edit a Wikipedia page?

To do the desired changes, follow these simple steps to edit a Wikipedia page. Editing has to be clear and accurate. Make sure every change you make is backed up by proper research and citation. The steps are as follows

  1. Open the page you want to do edits to
  2. At the top right corner of the page, you will see an ‘edit’ option. Click it
  3. The next window will be of ‘Wikitext’
  4. Do the changes you want to with proper citation
  5. Click on the preview option
  6. Click on the publish changes option

Part Three: Call for an Action

Wikipedia account created, required activity done, it is now time to come to the final step of how to get a wiki page about yourself, which is to actually get the page. This is now time to appear in the exam for the kid, the decision of passing or failing depends on the teacher and on how well the kid has prepared and followed the rules in the exam. The same goes for your page, you have done all the homework and now it is time to create the page and submit the request. Your activity will be analyzed and it will be noticed that to what extent you have followed the Wikipedia community guidelines.

However, before we make a way toward the steps how to create Wikipedia page for yourself, it is important to learn what are the ‘Blue Links’ & ‘Red Links’ and how are they helpful

Blue Link:

A blue link shows that the page already exists and you have to look for another title to create a wiki page for yourself.

Red Link:

A red link shows that the title you have selected for your page does not exist. This means you can create a page with that title.

Ways to look for Red links

There are different methods through which you will be able to find the red links. The two widely used ways to find the red links are

Searching the homepage

  1. Go to
  2. Pick English as the language
  3. Tap on the search bar
  4. Write a title which you think is unique
  5. The screen will show ‘it does not exist’
  6. If it does, the title will appear in red color
  7. This is your red link

The previewing method

  1. Open a page that can be edited
  2. Opt for the edit option at the top right of the page
  3. Write your preferred title in double brackets
  4. Click on the preview button
  5. You will see a red link

Steps to follow after finding the red links

  1. Click on the red link
  2. Write the content on the article wizard
  3. Write your content on it
  4. Publish changes and submit the page

Here you are at the end of your page creation journey with a perfect answer of how can you create a Wikipedia page for yourself.

Guidelines on How to Write a Wikipedia Page About Yourself

If you want to write Wikipedia article about yourself that will impress your readers right away and will create a professional persona of you in front of them then follow these guidelines

  • Clarity: You have to be clear in your content and make sure to use the right words. Avoid using jargon or complicated words which are hard for your audience to understand.
  • Be concise: The content should not be draggy. It should be clear and concise. The reader wants to read content that is attractive and informative at the same time.
  • Avoid redundancy: The content which is redundant will divert peoples’ attention. Make sure you are on point.
  • Avoid overlinking: The content you provide should not be stuffed only with links. Use citations only when needed.
  • Avoid Vandalism: Do not ruin the property (content/ page) on Wikipedia. Focus on making yourself strong only.

Benefits of Having a Wikipedia Page for Yourself

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia which does not hire people to write for it. Instead, it is an open-source, which can be accessed by anyone (after the authentication process). The knowledge on it is not bounded by one person or any specific source, therefore it has been an effective tool for branding as well. The benefits of Wikipedia mentioned here are stated by Jeff Bullas. He is a digital entrepreneur, marketing blogger, digital strategist, keynote speaker, author, and business consultant, who helps businesses to enhance their personality. He has been called as the best influencer by Forbes.

A Wikipedia Page Adds Up to Your Reputation

A Wikipedia page adds up to your online reputation by allowing you to share your achievements and career goals with your targeted audience. It is one of the greatest sites trusted by the world, having a page there will enhance your personality only.

A Wikipedia Page Develops Trust and Credibility

When you Google something, the first search that appears on the screen is from Wikipedia. People trust this source. Hence, when you create a Wikipedia page for yourself, it gives your readers the confidence to trust in you. It also adds credibility to your online existence.

A Wikipedia Page Helps Increasing Sales

With the factors of trust, credibility, and positive reputation, as an individual, you can increase the sales of your skill. The ultimate point of your digital existence is to be prominent and visible to people so that your market worth could be created to sell your skills at the day end.

A Wikipedia Page Enhances Your Visibility on Search Engine

The whole purpose of making digital moves for personal branding is to increase visibility to the audience. A Wikipedia page for yourself allows you to do so. It increases your visibility on search engines such as Google. This means a wider audience will be able to see your page and your skills.

In short, all of these benefits are interlinked and with a perfectly created Wikipedia page, you will be able to make your digital presence prominent.

Why does a Wikipedia page does not gets approved?

Wikipedia is quite strict about the page approval policies. If your page seems to be violating any of the rules, it will not be approved. Such as your page is directly targeting a competitor and defaming it, Wikipedia will instantly reject your page.

What is the criteria to make a Wikipedia page about myself?

The criteria to create a Wikipedia page about yourself is to be notable. Your personality and career goals should be notable enough to be prominent in the plethora of pages.

In what time a Wikipedia page is approved?

A Wikipedia is approved in an average time of 3-6 months. The time does not extend from the maximum limit.

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