An in-depth Manual on How to Create a Wikipedia Page for Someone

On an everyday basis, millions of users around the world create millions of pages on Wikipedia for the purpose of uploading their own content on Wikipedia. Wikipedia is considered the most esteemed source of getting info. A Wikipedia page can help you in getting into the spotlight and grabbing the core attention of worldwide internet users towards your content. In case you own a business no matter whether it is small or big Wikipedia will help you in accelerating your business and will take it onto next level heights. If you think your merchandise will go overlooked by the masses then creating a Wikipedia page will help you in long term.

Global Visitors of Wikipedia

The global traffic of Wikipedia varies each month it somehow depends on the content the Wikipedia has over that specific time period.

It has been detected by the Statista regulators that around 5.6 billion global visitors visit Wikipedia solely in June 2021 which is a tad shift from 5.5 billion visitors in February 2021. Have a look at the stats below:

Global Visitors of Wikipedia

Likewise, if you have a look at the above stats, from Jan2021 to June 2021 it is showing up a huge shift in the global Wikipedia reach. Therefore, the global reach of Wikipedia is unpredictable to some extent.

Contributing to Wikipedia

Around a million individuals are contributing to Wikipedia. But most importantly each person brings something new and different. They all are working voluntarily nobody owns any article. So, anyone can edit any article all he needs is a registered Wikipedia profile to post something on this platform. Wikipedia officials encourage individuals to add new content and edit the old ones in case they have got enough knowledge about that particular topic and are eager to do the obligatory research to advance it further.

Contributing to Wikipedia
The stats above show the number of worldwide Wikipedia contributors from 2001 to 2017. Now you can see clearly the huge shift in global contributors of Wikipedia from 2001 to 2017.

Things to contemplate while contributing to Wikipedia page

In case the article is a well-versed and technical type but the content wants a more logical explanation then editors are highly encouraged to edit it. if anyone wants to contribute to Wikipedia, he must consider these notable things prior to adding or editing something:

  • Use the comprehensive vocabulary of regular, and non-technical terms.
  • You must not use words or expressions that many readers might don’t know.

Steps on how to make a Wikipedia profile?

You can create a Wikipedia profile by following the proposed guidelines:

The first step is to create an account.

To begin, open the Wikipedia page in your browser and click the Create an Account button in the top right corner of the page. After entering the required information, such as your username and password, click ‘create your account.’

The first step is to create an account.
The second step is to get promoted to a user who has been autoconfirmed.

Before creating any page on Wikipedia, you must first become an autoconfirmed user. The criteria for becoming an autoconfirmed user vary depending on the situation. Autoconfirmed user accounts are those that have been active for four days or longer and have made at least 10 updates. These are the detailed instructions for becoming an autoconfirmed Wikipedia user. Once you’ve been autoconfirmed, move on to the next stage.

The third step is to create a Page

You must go to Wikipedia’s “writing an article” page in order to create a page. When you scroll down, you’ll see a blue button that says “Article Wizard.” When you’ve been autoconfirmed, click this blue button. Following that, you’ll be taken to Wikipedia’s Article Wizard. There are two alternatives available. You can either start creating your page right now or practice modifying it in Wikipedia’s sandbox first.

The third step is to create a Page
The fourth step is the acknowledgment of Citations

Citations must be included in the many articles and third-party sources to verify the authenticity of your work. Because Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, it is important to prove the legitimacy of your content. The article’s topic must be included in well-known publications Citations instill trust in your web visitors and convince them that your business is legitimate. Credibility propels your company to new heights!

The fifth step is the submission of the page to be reviewed.

After you’ve completed putting up your page, send it to the admin for approval. It will be added to Wikipedia as an official page once the site’s reputation has been established.

Last but not the least step is to update your page every day

Once your page begins to rank, it is critical to update it on a regular basis to ensure that all of the content supplied is current and relevant to your services and products. When you provide recent updates to your website on a regular basis, you retain transparency, which is really crucial.

Wikipedia Page Deletion Policy

Pages can be deleted for various reasons. The following are a few reasons (but not all) why Wikipedia deletes pages.

  • Vandalism.
  • Infringement of copyright.
  • Files that are infringing on the non-free policy.
  • Content that is impossible to verify.
  • Advertising with no content that is relevant.
  • Content that does not belong in an encyclopedia.
  • Content that matches at least one of the deletion policies of Wikipedia.
  • Content that violates Wikipedia’s policies, particularly in the case of living people’s biographies.

Make yourself notable by Maintaining your Constructive Status

Getting a platform is not all you need. There is more requirement than that. Once you get to know how to have a Wikipedia profile, then your core focus should be on the notability of your status and to ensure your existence to Wikipedia’s authorities. You should attain a reliable and notable place. For this purpose, you are required to do at least 7 comprehensive edits on the relevant sort of pages.   Besides, your account must be of four days old at least for doing the edits. An exciting fact about Wikipedia is that it drives through 1.9 edits every second of the day. Besides, your account must be four days old at least for doing these edits.

Concluding Statement

It is undoubtedly a tricky task to create a Wikipedia profile and publish the article. One must have to follow Wikipedia’s policies and restrictions criteria. The toughest thing so far is to create a masterpiece with relevancy. You need to walk the extra mile to achieve your milestone in case you have set any for your Wikipedia page.


How do I get a Wikipedia profile?

To create a Wikipedia profile, you necessitate expert language skills and knowledge on how Wikipedia works. For this purpose, you can hire a professional individual or an agency to create a Wikipedia profile for you. They will bring ease to your work build content of quality, and organized it after well research and factual analysis

How to create a Wikipedia page for someone?

A: You can create a Wikipedia page for anyone related to any topic whether it is about a person, brand, or any product. You need to follow the few little steps proposed by officials of Wikipedia and then you will get what you desire. Still, producing info and content according to the proposed guidelines would be a big challenge for you. You should hire an expert for that.

How to make a Wikipedia biography?

Making a Wikipedia biography requires in-depth research and authentic facts to support it. To create a biography, you should have thorough research about the personality. Or else you will unable to produce a well-versed biography page.

Can you write your own biography on Wikipedia?

A: It will not be a good decision for sure because Wikipedia supports a neutral point of view and does not support content. If you write an autobiography on Wikipedia then you need to ensure that you state both the good and bad points about yourself.

How to upsurge online traffic through Wikipedia articles?

A: Uplifting online traffic organically with the help of Wikipedia is really a fruitful approach to show up in the digital market. But for this, you need well-versed content that has an exceptional subject matter and is furnished with pertinent strategies. Moreover, the content should not be overloaded with unnecessary information because it will ultimately repel the audience’s attention and they will get bored within no time.

How to start a Wikipedia page for a person?

A: If you want to start a Wikipedia page for someone, then you should keep in view not to include personal essays as citations. It is also advised not to put tons of unnecessary information. A well-researched and unique article is needed to start a Wikipedia page.

How to create a Wikipedia biography page?

A: Writing a biography is one of the toughest tasks to be considered for writers. It needs authentic resources for citations which should be taken out from notable and trustworthy platforms. It will lift credibility and maximize the online traffic of your page. The foremost thing is to create a Wikipedia account, become autoconfirmed user, then start writing the article for the submission of the page.

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