How to Create a Wikipedia Page for Your Company– A DIY Guide

So, what is Wikipedia? Why is it one of the most talked about websites in the world? What compels people to use it on a daily basis? These are all questions, which need an answer before we start with the journey of learning about how to create a Wikipedia page for your company.

Starting with the “what”, Wikipedia is a user-to-user, free, online encyclopedia, which is dedicated to provide reliable information to people all over the planet. In simpler words, it is a rather enormous collection of information, making it the biggest online hub for authentic information. According to the latest stats, Wikipedia has 6.2 million content articles with 52.1 million pages on the platform. However, this is not it. You can only begin to realize the size of this virtual encyclopedia if you know that there are 40.5 million registered users with 132,722 being the active ones in the current month of December 2020. With a total number of 989.5 million edits, Wikipedia has left behind every other user-to-user collaborative platform to have ever been made till this day.

As to why it is the most talked about website in the world then, you need to understand how it is helping to change the world. The word wiki comes from Hawaiian and its literal translation is “quick”. So, in short, it provides a quick access to the world most extensive information hub to people across the planet.

Another major reason for people to talk about this virtual encyclopedia is because of its continuous growth. This perpetually expanding virtual encyclopedia is one of the major contributors to how people get reliable information in this age. With over 300 languages, this virtual platform provides an astounding 17000 articles per month for keeping the world informed about a variety of subjects and topics. However, this number is a decreased number because in 2006 it had gone up to an all-time high of 50000 articles per month. With 11.2% of the articles in English and 9.8% of the information present in Cebuano, Wikipedia is a major contributing website, as far as reliable information is concerned.

Moreover, what compels people to use it on a daily basis is the fact that it is the most convenient way of getting reliable and authentic information. Information, which is not manipulated or tainted by anyone’s opinion. Information, which is based on thoroughly researched facts.

Furthermore, people are also increasingly becoming fond of using this virtual encyclopedia due many of its other benefits that follow it. However, these benefits of using wikipedia will be discussed more in detail later. What you need to focus on is the fact that there is a rising demand for the use of wikipedia and an increasing number of people who want to learn how to make a wikipedia page for a business.

How to Register Your Company on Wikipedia

By registering on Wikipedia, it means to be present on Wikipedia. Now, there are certain steps that you will need to follow, to successfully, learn how to write a wikipedia page for a company.

Step # 1 – Account Creation

Account creation is not a basic requirement for registering your company on Wikipedia. You can contribute to this virtual encyclopedia without having a registered account. However, there are many benefits if you register yourself with wikipedia before you start to contribute. Once you create an account on wikipedia, you will be having a unique user id, which will distinguish you from all the other contributors on the virtual encyclopedia. You can make a user page for yourself, to help share information about yourself with the community. You will also be able to communicate with all the other editors on the platform via your user talk page, which also can only be gotten if you are registered with the platform.

Furthermore, having an account also gives you access to make edits on semi-protected pages after you have made over 10 edits and have been registered for more than 4 days. Crossing 500 edits and having an account for more than 30 days will also permit you to edit extended or fully protected pages as well. Other benefits may include the fact that having an account on wikipedia protects your IP address and prevents others to know where you are located physically. You can also make use of much advanced tools for editing. The point is, countless benefits await you after you have created your own account on the virtual encyclopedia.

However, the account creation process is simpler than you can imagine. You simply have to visit Wikipedia and pick your favorite language. Usually, people choose their native language or English (because it is the most spoken and written language in the world). After you have successfully picked out a language for yourself, you will land on a page, which presents you with an “Create Account” button on the top right side of the screen. Simply push that button and land on the resulting page, which is full of fields and asking for information. Overall, the signing up process is quite simple and carries many benefits for the users.

Step # 2 – Topic Selection

The topic selection might seem like an easy enough thing to do, right? No, it is not easy. It is probably one of the most complicated steps in the process to make a wikipedia page for an organization. Now, it is obvious that if you are here and learning how to make a wikipedia page for an organization then the topic or page title will simply be your organization. However, does wikipedia deem you page title to be worthy enough to provide it with a separate page of its own? Well, yes that is the main catch here. This is known as the “notability criteria” of the virtual encyclopedia, where wikipedia decides whether your page title should have its own page based on the overall attention given to your topic by people all over the world. The notability criteria has nothing to do with the content of you page or article. The only thing it looks after is whether the topic itself is within or outside wikipedia’s scope.

The general guidelines for notability provided by wikipedia needs 3 things looked after:

  • Topic is Covered Significantly

Significant coverage talks about the topic in depth, without having to perform any original research on it. This means that your chosen topic must be covered in detail before you selected it for creating a page on wikipedia. There should be ample research done on the topic already, and you should be having a considerable amount of information on the topic. Just merely getting mentioned in the news or in some articles does not amount to significant coverage.

  • Reliable

The topic about which you wish to create a page must have reliable sources so that the evaluation is verifiable. This includes published books and other forms of published works as well, which includes the work done in all the languages. Secondary sources being available for the coverage of the topic are also deemed good for the notability test as well. Secondary sources are actually preferred as they are more likely to provide a much more objective reflection of the topic. Multiple sources can be used and normally, are expected as well. However, the detail of the coverage and the quality of each source may vary, therefore it is always a good idea to have multiple sources. Now, these sources or information needs not to be present online or in English language for that matter. Furthermore, you must keep in mind that if you are going to use more than one publication by the same author then it will be considered as one source, which is being used to establish nobility.

  • Independent of the topic

Any and all dependent work, work which is affiliated with the subject such as advertising, autobiographies or websites are not included in making your subject notable. Your topic needs to be covered independently before you choose to create a page on wikipedia about it. Fame about a topic is not regarded as a topic being notable.

Step # 3 – Research

You must have heard this countless times that you need to thoroughly research your topic and gather all the significant information about the topic, when creating a wikipedia page. Wikipedia requires reliable and authentic information and for that, you will have to consider many reliable sources. You will have to make use of references and citations to authenticate your work.

As simple as it may sound, it is not. Conducting research is one of the core policies of wikipedia regarding content creation.

Understandably, you will have to conduct a thorough research on your topic but you must ensure that you are conducting research in the way defined by the virtual encyclopedia. Wikipedia does not allow people to publish original research on the platform. You may not create new information on wikipedia pages or come up with new theories. This virtual encyclopedia is only provides information on already published material, no further work is allowed on the theories themselves. If you somehow use analytical means to come up with certain conclusions based on the information in the research sources you are using, then most likely it will not be accepted by wikipedia.

Furthermore, you must ensure that the sources you are using to authenticate your wikipedia page and information are reliable and authentic themselves as well. You must know that the higher the number of people are involved in the analysis of facts of a publication, the more reliable and authentic that publication becomes. You must provide verifiable facts at all time. Normally, the sources, which are deemed most reliable, are:

  • Books Which Are Published By A University Press
  • Work Published By Highly Regarded Publishing Houses Such As Journals And Magazines
  • Text Books (University Level)
  • Newspapers (Mainstream And Highly Reputed)
  • Peer-Reviewed Journals

Moreover, Wikipedia encourages the use of secondary sources more than primary or tertiary sources. However, your secondary sources must not be work done or derived from a primary source. Now, it is up to you and your judgment skills to figure out where you are required to use primary, secondary or tertiary sources of information.

Step # 4 – Writing

To write a wikipedia page about a company requires you to follow a certain format, which is defined by Wikipedia. They have given a template for your convenience, which must be used. Other than that, writing on a wikipedia page requires one to be extremely cautious about the content policies stated by the virtual platform.

The quality of information provided in your wikipedia page is determined through the following of these policies. The community has formulated all these policies with proper and thorough consensus. However, you must look at these policies in isolation as they are supposed to be supporting each other to uphold the quality of information presented on the virtual encyclopedia.

1)     Core Policies

The core policies are divided into 3 main branches

  • Neutral Point of View

All the content written on this virtual encyclopedia must be written in a neutral tone and must not be biased. Every school of thought, every theory and piece of information must be treated fairly and there should be no inclination towards any single theory. Your information must be supported by facts and the writer must keep a neutral tone at all times.

  • Verifiability

The material or information you publish on your wikipedia page must be reliable and every editor and/or reader should be able to verify and check if the sources of the information shared are reputable and reliable or not.

  • No Original Research

Wikipedia does not allow a writer or a page creator to publish any original research on its pages. All the material that you use in your wikipedia page must come from reliable and already published articles or research. You cannot innovate knowledge or information when creating a wikipedia page.

Step # 5 – Page Submission

Now, your journey about the learning how to register your company on Wikipedia comes to an end. You must now submit your wikipedia page for the approval and review process. Yes, there is a thorough approval and screening process for every wikipedia page, which is submitted to the platform. Each page is reviewed by the wikipedians of the community before the virtual encyclopedia publishes it officially on the platform.

Your pages and articles are checked on the basis of the guidelines and policies of wikipedia. The purpose of the approval process is to sustain the quality of information provided on the virtual encyclopedia. You must understand that every approved article or page is regarded, as a reliable source of information by people across the planet and to keep their trust, the standard of quality must be upheld at all times.

Benefits of Creating a Wikipedia Page for an Organization

In a world where everything is now turning towards digitalization, Wikipedia pages are the best option your businesses have to promote themselves in the most effective manner. Yes, Wikipedia is not a platform for promotion or advertisement. However, using passive marketing techniques can allow a business to successfully use wikipedia pages to create a favorable position for themselves in the market.

Over the years, there have a lot of changes in the way businesses approach their target audience. Now, in the digital era, most businesses are using modern methods or techniques of marketing to ensure that they are reaching their target audiences in the possible manner. And according to many sources, it has been concluded that Wikipedia pages are one of the best marketing tools known to mankind. Following are some of the benefits businesses can get from making wikipedia pages.

Creates Awareness

The basic purpose of Wikipedia coming into existence was for creating awareness. Creating a wikipedia page for your business to create awareness about your business is considered to be one of the most effective ways of creating awareness. It is such an effective tool for creating brand awareness because wikipedia is one of the most highly trafficked websites in the world. Therefore, having your business’s wikipedia page present on such a highly trafficked website is something that will allow you to create brand awareness on a global level.

Furthermore, this also helps a business to increase its overall reach along with creating brand awareness. Simply being present on Wikipedia will allow your business to reach billions of people effectively and efficiently.

Target Audience Engagement

In today’s marketing world, organizations are compelled to keep their target audience engaged on a continuous basis. Due to fierce competition and short memory spans of the target audience, businesses are compelled to make use of innovative ways to keep their target audiences engaged. And, being one of the most highly visited platforms in the world, it is the perfect tool for businesses to keep their target audiences engaged.

How to create a wikipedia page for my business?

  • Register yourself on wikipedia
  • Choose a topic
  • Conduct research
  • Write or compose your content
  • Check and submit your page for review

Follow the steps to create a wikipedia page for an organization.

Can anyone create a wikipedia page?

Yes, wikipedia provides the freedom to create articles and pages to everyone on this planet, provided they are maintaining the quality standards set by the virtual encyclopedia. Even though wikipedia provides the liberty to create and edit pages and articles to everyone, but maintain the standards of wikipedia is not something that can be taken lightly.

Every wikipedia page needs to be created following the official writing guidelines and policies of the virtual platform. The guidelines provide the most accepted set of practices to writers and community members along with the policies that need to followed to create a page or article, which will be accepted or approved by the virtual encyclopedia.

How long does it take to create a wikipedia page for a company?

The time to write a wikipedia page depends on the expertise of the writer and the company he or she has chosen to create a page on. The larger the company is, the more time the writer is likely to take to research it. However, on an average it may take 15 to 20 days to create a wikipedia page for a company. This time is subject to change on the determining factors mentioned above.

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