The nearly impossible task of delivering accurate information to every user has been made possible by Wikipedia. With 52.07 million pages in approximately 314 languages of the world, this site continues to be the number one online encyclopedia. Overall, Wikipedia has 55.31 million articles. According to Wikimedia statistics, it is one of the most visited sites present today with average page views of 22.67 billion yearly.

The number only seems to be growing because anyone from anywhere around the globe can access the site to explore the world around them. The platform is always at the top of search engine results. Hence with the extreme popularity of the site, celebrities and artists have been striving to know how to create a Wikipedia page for an artist.

Nonetheless, with the extreme competition increasing in the art industries, such as movies, dramas, calligraphy, etc. the demand is more inclined towards prominent online presence. Similarly, with enhanced and improvised digital means, the expectations of the audience have touched the sky. They want to see their favorite artists to be futuristic and up-to-date. For that, a Wikipedia artist page is by far the best option.

Reasons to Create a Wikipedia Page

An artist has to abide by the expectations of people in order to stay in the limelight. It makes no difference from which industry you belong to, as long as you consider yourself an artist, these reasons will give you valid support to create a Wikipedia page for an artist.

Diversified user base

Wikipedia welcomes artists from each genre and industry. It has a diverse and versatile active user base. Hence, for an artist, the most important thing is to be able to put forward his/her art to as diverse as possible audience to gain popularity without missing any particular region or group of people. Nonetheless, being on this platform, an artist will automatically have an outreach to millions of people in one go.

Acceptance in the digital world

Time and circumstances are not the same anymore. With the advancement in technology, the artists are to come forward and launch their digital moves. If they do not, they will be left behind in the race of acquiring the most audience and under the pressure of the competitors. By creating a Wikipedia page for an artist, this issue will be resolved and the person will have a positive reference to excel the presence in the digital pool.

Transparency with the audience

On the road to success, transparency with the audience is an essential element. When one creates a Wikipedia artist page, the connection with the audience develops automatically. The artist’s artwork and skills are all highlighted positively making him/her more tenable.

The ultimate fan base loyalty

The artist Wikipedia page makes the fans feel associated with the lives of their beloved personalities. They want to know almost everything about their favorite entertainers and the Wikipedia page fulfills their urge. The page provides them the in-depth information which may not be available on the artist’s social media accounts.

Steps of How to Make a Wikipedia Page for an Artist

The steps of how to create a Wikipedia page for an artist need time and concentration. You have to be careful in following all the community guidelines of Wikipedia in order to maintain decorum and avoid any troubling situation. The steps are as follows

Step 1: Start by creating a Wikipedia account for an artist

  • Go to the homepage of Wikipedia at
  • Click on the language English
  • On the next screen, look at the extreme right corner at the top
  • Click on the ‘create account’ option
  • Enter your information and proceed with the blue colored ‘create your account’ option
  • Login to your provided email address
  • Click on the account opening link and confirm your account
  • For future references, come on the homepage again and log in

With this simple process, your first step of how to create a Wikipedia page for an artist is completed.

Step 2: Make a positive reputation on Wikipedia

Your account is created. This is now a call for action. The whole purpose of creating an account on Wikipedia for artists is to make a healthy and positive reputation of the artist on the site. You can do so by editing a few pages of the relevant business. For instance, you have created a Wikipedia page for a guitarist, you will have to make changes in a few accounts of the same category. Just like in business, you have to be visible in order to sell. Here, you have to be prominent with the activity to be able to gain a reputation for your page approval later in time.

Step 3: Create an artist Wikipedia page

The third and one of the major steps is to make a page with the account. You have to first of all look for the title of the page through the ‘red-link’ methods. If the title you looked for appears as a blue link, this means, the page title already exists and you have to think of another one. Nonetheless, this is how the process goes

  • Look for the Red link
  • Click on the red link
  • You will see a blank page
  • Write your content on the page
  • Click on the ‘publish changes’ option
  • Your page is created

Methods for finding the ‘Red Links’

Method 1: Search on the homepage

  • Go to
  • Click on the English as the language
  • On the search bar of the homepage write your title
  • The next screen will show you it ‘does not exist’
  • The title you searched for will appear in the color red as a link
  • Click on the link and proceed with the above-mentioned process

Method 2: The red link preview

  • Go to any accessible page
  • Click edit on it
  • In double brackets, surround your desired title
  • Click on the preview button
  • You will see a red link
  • Click on it and proceed with the process

Things to Consider While Writing an Artist Wikipedia Page

A Wikipedia page stands nowhere if it fails to have the right content strategies. For the content, it is necessary to cover the basic guidelines of the page which are given below.

The content should be informative

One thing to keep in mind that the reason why a person has visited your artist Wikipedia page is that he/she wants to gain information about you. They want to know details about their favorite personality. Hence, as an artist, it is your responsibility to make the content as much informative as you can with interesting facts and figures that can hold the attention of the reader. You can hire a Wikipedia artist profile writer to ease out things for you and attain the required results on the page.

The content should be notable

Notability is an extremely important feature for an artist’s Wikipedia page. The content you write should be verified, reliable, and authentic. It should be worthy enough for a reader to feel that he/she has spent the time in the right place. Be creative and unique in your ideas to be notable by the Wikipedia technical officials and by the audience. To achieve it all, you can simply hire professional Wikipedia artists profile writers.

The content should highlight achievement

Your audience wants to know what achievements have you had as an artist. You have to highlight your skills and achievements in order to make a soft corner in the readers’ hearts. The more you showcase your potentials and awards, the more they will incline towards your talent. If you believe you cannot put forward your achievements as effectively as you should then you can opt for Wikipedia artist profile writers for the

It should use appropriate language

Language is one of the major elements you need to take off when you create an artist page. You need to make sure that the words used are appropriate in the majority of the world languages since the site is accessible in hundreds of languages around the globe. Of course, you cannot check the feasibility in every language of the world. However, for the majorly used languages, such as English, French, Chinese, etc. you can check for the vocab and then proceed.

It should have authentic references

You may have noticed at the end of every Wikipedia page, there is a long list of references. This is because Wikipedia does not accept any content without proper citation and referencing. If you fail to provide the references, the content for your wiki artist page will be rejected or labeled as plagiarized. This also adds up in the notability factor of the page. The more you link the sites, the higher your visibility will be. If you fail to reference your sources, chances are, that all the efforts you have put into the process of how to create an artist profile on Wikipedia will go in vain.

How to Create an Artist Biography On Wikipedia?

To create the Wikipedia biography page for an artist, follow the given steps

  • Create a Wikipedia account
  • Do an activity to generate a reputation on the platform
  • Write the content about the artist’s page. It should include the following things
  • Biography: This section should include information such as name, birthplace, residential city, etc.
  • Career: the section should accommodate which field did the artist pursue, what were his/her career goals.
  • Work: To attain the goals, where did the artist work. Name the workplaces if you can.
  • References: Add references for everything you have written. Without references, the content will be unauthentic.
  • Readings: Add any other readings such as books or articles for the reader to know more about the artist.
  • External links: If you have used any website links or names, then link them here.
  • Look for the red link
  • Click on the red link
  • Submit the page creation request

You can find the template for the biography article at

The Cost to Create and Edit a Wikipedia Page for an Artist

  • The average cost to create a Wikipedia page ranges between $300 to $3000. The amount may fluctuate according to the quality and credibility of the content
  • A Wikipedia article created through the Wikipedia artist page creation services may cost anywhere around $400 to $800
  • The editing cost for the Wikipedia artist page starts from $150. The amount increases as the number of edits increase

Why a Wikipedia artist page gets rejected?

The main reason for any page to get rejected is the violation of the Wikipedia page creation rules. The platform repetitively emphasizes on following the guidelines such as avoid vandalism and content plagiarism. If a page fails to prove itself authentic, it gets rejected right away.

How long does it take for a Wikipedia artist page to be approved?

The process of Wikipedia artist page approval may take a while. The average time ranges from 3-6 months. However, you have to keep all the factors of a good page in mind to get it approved.

How long does it take to create a Wikipedia artist page?

The community policies and guidelines of Wikipedia are strict. Hence, the compliance and monitoring of all the policies take time. The average time for the page to be created is 3 months at least and 6 months at the most.

How to get a Wikipedia artist page approved?

To get your page approved, you have to do referencing on each page and abide by all the community guidelines. Make sure to use appropriate language and relevant information.

How long do the edits on a Wikipedia page take to be approved?

The edits on the Wikipedia pages usually take a few minutes. As long as you have proper referencing and your content is authentic, there will not be any rejection.

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