How to Get Google Knowledge Panel for Artist

When a person has unique capabilities to show to the world, he/she can be named as an artist. Hence, when an artist enters into the world of glamour and fame, they require the right attention. To their ease, what can be better than getting published on Google as an artist? Google gives the right identity to the people who actually deserve to be on the search engine. Like any other social media account, Google also gives artists a blue tick as the verification sign of authenticity.

However, one more intriguing feature of Google is that in 2012, it launched its best feature as the knowledge panel. This article is further going to talk about what is a knowledge panel and how an artist can get one under his/her name. So if you are an artist, continue reading for some interesting tips.

The Google Knowledge Panel

A knowledge panel is basically an information-filled box that has all the basic information about an artist. This little box includes everything a person needs to know about the artist. This appears on the right side of the screen upon user search. The KP may include

  • The name of the artist
  • Their work (songs, paintings, events, etc.)
  • Their personal life (marriage, kids, and family)
  • Their social media account
  • Their official website
  • Their birthday and career years

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How it Helps Artists and Users

The artist can have a greater fan base with sorted information aligned for them. The KP will add worth to their existence on the search engine. It will be the ultimate way for the artist to interact with the audience without actually having to talk to them.

On the other hand, this is the joy to the fan who simply writes the name of the artist and gets this heavily loaded information box. One doesn’t have to dig through multiple pages to extract information, the key points will be on the KP. All they have to do is insert the name in the search bar.

How to Get a Knowledge Panel for an Artist

Now here is the important thing, Google has not been clear about what the actual requirements are and what the process of getting a Knowledge Panel is. A KP is created by Google itself when the artist has enough notable content on the site about him/her. Google gathers all that data through the backend algorithm and statistics and presents it in form of a data-rich box in front of the audience. This is entirely an organic process; an artist has no authority over the creation of the KP. Similarly, there is no specific time decided for the appearance of the KP either. It can appear in days or months or at times years.

Two Things Google Considers While Creating an Artist Knowledge Panel

Though there is no specific pattern, Google still has a few bars to go with. It sees these things to generate a KP for the audience.

The User Behavior

Google traces your audiences’ behavior towards your such as what they search about you and what links do they open. It also notices how long does an average user spend time on specific pages. It also pays attention to which links are your fans clicking on to. This is how it generates the decision of making a KP for you.

Use of Semantic Data

Semantic data means tracing of the content a user is searching something. For instance, the location of the searcher, similar words to your job, and searching about your genre of art, etc. This is one of the ways Google provides authentic search results.

However, here is the deal, an artist cannot create a KP but can acquire it later under his/her name once it is created. They can claim the KP as theirs by completing the requirements process. The acquiring process takes about a few weeks to be completed and then the artist can have the knowledge panel officially as theirs.

Ways to Increase the Chances of Instantly Getting a Google Knowledge Panel

Google looks for backup sources to gather your data. Therefore, you need to make sure that it gets enough sources for your data to be sorted in one place. Hence, these are some highlighted ways through which you can create a prominent position in the digital world. Try your level best to bring as much visibility as you can under your name. This is in fact a major rule of marketing that the more visible you are the higher audience attention you get.

Note: these are only the ways to increase your visibility on the search engine. None of these can guarantee a KP but they will for sure add strong value to your profile.

1.      Have a Strong Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is one of the greatest platforms to gain higher audience visibility and attention.  This is how you can create a Wikipedia page for an artist.

Create a Wikipedia Account

The first step in the process of having a Wikipedia page is to have a Wikipedia account. This is the beginning of the process, do not confuse an account with a page. To create an account, you need to go to the Wikipedia homepage, choose a language, click on the create account option, and fill the form. Once everything is inserted, confirm your email and log in to your artist account.

Show that You Exist and You Deserve to Have a Page

Once you have the account, it is time to prove your authenticity to the site. All you have to do is generate a positive reputation on the site by making at least seven verifiable edits with a four days old account. To do an edit, click on the edit option on any accessible Wikipedia page. Insert the edited content and submit it cites.

Select a Topic and Check for the Red Link

Selecting a unique title wouldn’t be too hard for an artist. All you have to do is insert your name and check for the red link. A red link means that the page does not exist previously and you can go on with the name.

Create Content for Your Page

Once the title is selected. You will have to create content for the page. Try to make the content as interesting as you can because this is going to make you visible on the search engine. To post the content, you will have to click on the ‘ask for the page to be created’ option and click on the Article Wizard option appearing on the next screen.

Turn It In for Approval

Once the content is posted, click on the submit button. You have come a long way; the page request has been sent now. You are advised to wait for the approval of the page. The approval time usually takes about 3 to 6 months.

2.      Social Media is the Way to Win the Race

The next big thing you can do to get a knowledge panel for an artist is to get a strong grip on social media. Social media has the power to do revolutionizing things. All you have to do is create accounts on every social site such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. to make people know you more. Insert authentic data on the sites when you are creating the accounts so that Google can trace it and publish it on your KP. Post videos and pictures of your talent on the accounts.

3.      Get Registered on Google

This is the most important thing you need to do. You cannot be on Google with a registered Google account. Therefore, get an account by fulfilling the requirements. Use a suitable username for your account in order to trace it later in time.

4.      Promote Your Art to the World

If you have the talent, you need to show it to the world. Launch your talent on the right platforms to get the recognition you deserve. For instance, for a singer, the best platforms would be Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon, etc. You first need to identify on which platform your specific niche will be and then hit on it with a bang.

5.      Get Ahead with Google Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the key to have higher and stronger visibility online. It is the organic way of reaching to the top searches of the search engine. Make sure you use the right SEO strategies to incorporate the element of perfection in your existence. The more you focus on optimization, the higher your chances of having a KP will be.

How does a Google Knowledge Panel help increasing an artist’s fame?

Google Knowledge Panel makes it easier for people to know about their favorite personalities. They can access information easily and this eventually enhances the bond between the artist and the fan. Hence, the better the bond, the more fame the artist gets.

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