How to Create a Wikipedia Page for Rappers

Most web users know that Wikipedia is one of the largest and most popular websites in the world to visit for accurate and up-to-date information on almost any topic imaginable and it often appears on the first page of Google for all sorts of different queries. Perhaps the most amazing part of Wikipedia is that all its information is published by people, anyone can contribute and everything is written by people like you.

Back before the web and Wikipedia were such mainstream sources, it would take regular encyclopedias a year or more to generate updated entries and come up with new editions, but Wikipedia will have updated information or a brand new entry as soon as someone takes the time to write one. And with anything that catches the public’s eye, it’s usually pretty fast.

If you have the knowledge about how to add information to Wikipedia and to share on a specific topic but notice that there is no Wikipedia page yet, you may be the one to start it. We summarize the process here for you:

Go to and log in to your account. If you do not already have a Wikipedia account, just click Create Account in the top right corner of the page to enter certain details and set up your account. Make sure you have done a lot of research for the article you want to write, because a Wikipedia article without a ton of links is hardly a Wikipedia article. Of course, if you have not checked whether it exists in Wikipedia, you should definitely do so before you waste time creating a new one on the same topic (which will surely only result in it being removed).

Do a thorough reading on Wikipedia’s resources to contribute to Wikipedia and write your first article. Go through each section provided in the table of contents to make sure you are familiar with all of Wikipedia’s publishing guidelines. It is important to ensure that your Wikipedia does not have major issues and is not removed after you have done so much hard work to publish it.

Use Wikipedia’s article wizard to write and submit your first article. This tool will walk you through all the steps you need to take to comply with Wikipedia’s guidelines, and it takes all the guesswork out of getting published. Click on the blue button marked “Write an article now (for new users)” or alternatively you can submit a request for someone else to write an article on a specific topic.

Moreover, you can just turn to our experts for professional help. Our wiki experts have been serving in this field for years and know their job very well. They can help you buy a Wikipedia page about yourself, even if you are a musician, rapper or a lyricist.

Tips for Getting a Rapper Page Approved on Wikipedia

Want to know how to add article on Wikipedia? Want to know how Wikipedia works? Or want to know how to create a Wikipedia page about a rapper?

It’s necessary to remember that Wikipedia is not meant to be an advertising vehicle and if you treat it that way, your wiki page, biography or article will most likely be removed. Wikipedia is purely a reference text. You can’t praise yourself and cannot show yourself as superior than others.

If an article that you post is not considered notable deleted according to the policies of Wikipedia. Have you ever done anything notable? What are you famous about? Adds everything in the article.

Wikipedia wants neutral and non-promotional articles. Avoid any kind of advertising about your amazing rap music. Try to offer information instead.

Make sure that whoever writing your entry on Wikipedia has all the information they need. Include awards, biography, etc.

Discover everything that refer your personality online as a rapper. If there is something written in newspapers, magazines or blogs about you – this will help significantly. Make sure you use all those references in your wiki article.

As you continue to expand your research on your topic and gather more sources of information, you can add more updates to your article. A regular update schedule will ensure that your page goes well, and other users will appreciate your contribution. Wikipedia recommends that you consult the resources like Wikipedia page creation service to write better articles to help you improve. You should also check Wikipedia’s introduction to uploading images if you want to incorporate them into your page.

For more Wikipedia resources, you should definitely bookmark Wikipedia’s Help page. There you will find links to all kinds of user-related topics that may be useful to you.

Additional Pro Tips To Help You Create Your Wikipedia page

  • The title should describe the subject objectively and unambiguously;
  • Follow grammatical rules. There are no restrictions on accentuation or use of space;
  • Avoid using capital letters, prioritize using them if it is extremely necessary;
  • Avoid punctuating the title with an exclamation point (!) Or a question mark (?) This makes it difficult to search;
  • Avoid duplicate titles. Research before creating the title.

Important Aspects In The Construction Of The Title

  • Long title tires whoever is looking for something objective. If the article is about solving an error, try to put the error code in the title and the main points of the message.
  • If the name is badly formulated, it may be more difficult to find and more likely to create different articles on the same subject.
  • The Wiki is not just a FAQ base (Frequently Asked Question). Therefore, article titles do not necessarily have to be a question.
  • Following consistent article naming conventions is essential for internal links to be simple and efficient.

Turn To Our Experts For Better Experience

Creating a Wikipedia page about a person is quite a difficult task. Especially when it’s an artist, musician or a rapper. It requires complete knowledge about Wikipedia rules and policies and if you don’t know how to create a Wikipedia page about a rapper, you can just turn to our professionals. We will briefly collaborate every single thing and help you create your page and make it live.

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