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Modern PR workers should familiarize themselves with the use of Wikipedia due to the positive effects it can have on search engine optimization and readily available material on a given topic that you want to focus on. Wikipedia is the sixth most visited website in the world, followed by Google, Facebook, YouTube and Yahoo. This means that a link to your website from Wikipedia can give you a big page rank boost, so that your page gets further up in Google searches. Today, we are going to talk about how to create a Wikipedia page for fun purpose or to make a page to enhance the only visibility of a business or a brand.

How To Create A Wikipedia Page For Fun And Why It Is A Difficult Task?

If you may not know, you cannot just write anything in Wikipedia. That statement is far too subjective for the Wikipedia community, and others may consider it. Often astonishingly many will look through your post after you have written it, so be careful what you write and make sure it is correctly authentic and do check for grammatical errors. In each post you can see a history to check the last edit or corrections who has implemented them.

If you need to help a company to get on Wikipedia, you may have to face a lot of challenges. There is a whole set of ​​rules for using Wikipedia. Here are some of them:

  • Do not write about yourself: If you are a permanent employee of the company, you should ask someone else to write the post. Send if necessary a pre-written bid for those concerned, so that it is as easy as at all possible to upload.
  • The company must be large or generally known: It may well be that your company is not known, but if it has made a known product, you have a good starting point. If there is nothing known about the company then you can drop the bet, because your post will be deleted.
  • You need source references: Preferably four or more from books or articles or from reputable magazines or newspapers. Alternatively larger websites.
  • You must write in Wiki language: Don’t worry, you must not be able to code. By far the easiest thing is to find a post that is reminiscent of what you are going to write about, and take it as a starting point. Click “Edit” and see what it looks like in Wiki language, and copy paste into what you are going to write.

Here’s how you do it

It may take a long time to compose a useful Wiki post, but it’s worth the time in terms of PR. You can start by:

  • Watch the videos or ask from an expert that how to Create a Wikipedia page for fun without taking it too seriously.
  • Create a new user account on org in the  top right corner
  • Search for what you want to create.
  • Now you are ready! Click the ‘Show Preview’ button several times as you type so you know what it will look like.
  • Compare to a Wiki reminiscent of what you’re writing about: Open both the normal page and another page with the raw wiki code.
  • Copy-paste the content onto your page with your new Wiki, so you can easily relate to the coding and edit until the content matches your own post.

You can go far way toward creating a credible article and page by reading an existing and a high-quality page to see what it includes. However, be careful of crafting a page similar to your competitors’ Wikipedia page. In addition, you can take assistance for Wikipedia Page Writing Services to get better and effective Wikipedia page.

Points to note when editing a Wikipedia article for Fun

There a few things that you have to keep in mind while creating a new article or editing an already existing one. Following are a few and the most important ones.

Avoid explanations unrelated to the game

Its fine to write information that is more interesting to know. The degree is important. Aim for a Wikipedia article that is fun to read and information in is fun to know.

Avoid sentences that are too long or too short

A sentence can be difficult to read if it is too long or too short. Match sentences that are short and similar, and split sentences that are too long. In addition, when there are many things to say or when there are many elements in the same line, the sentence tends to be long. Especially when “to” is abused, it may be difficult to understand the boundaries of meaning, and different readers may have different perceptions. Make the sentence easy to understand with proper length and reading marks.

Avoid redundant explanations

According to our top professional Wikipedia Page Creators, it is not good to write the same word or sentence repeatedly. Avoid repeating the same adjective in a sentence. Also, writing the same explanation page by page makes viewers feel uncomfortable. Write a solid description somewhere, but keep it brief on the rest of the page.

Line breaks/spaces in source

Let’s write the source of the page so that it is easy to see. Insert a line break before the heading. The text will be automatically line-wrapped according to the width, but if you write a long sentence on one line, you will get the impression that the characters are clogged. Add line breaks and spaces at appropriate places, such as when switching topics, to make it easier to read.

A fair perspective

Don’t pretend to be prejudicial and evaluate fairly. Try not to run in a subjective way and try to see it objectively. Don’t stick to one part. Think not only from one point of view, but from multiple angles. It is very difficult to maintain such a fair view. Therefore, it is important to listen to others’ opinions and use statistical data. You are not the only one to write or read.

Write one subject in one paragraph, and put one subject in one paragraph

Keep in mind that there is a one-to-one relationship between paragraphs and themes, write your text, making it clear what you are talking about in this paragraph. If the contents that are not related to each other are listed in one paragraph, a rambling sentence will be created. It is also mentioned in the “Avoid redundant description” section, but if the same thing happens many times in different places, it will be redundant text.

Get Your Wikipedia Page From The Industry-leading Professionals

Hopefully, these tips can help understand how to create a Wikipedia page for fun and at the same time motivate you to contribute to Wikipedia about a subject that you interest. However, creating a Wikipedia page is a time consuming task and requires professional approach. So, if you don’t want to get bothered wasting your time and efforts by learning the rules and guidelines of Wikipedia, then you can just turn to our experts for assistance. We have been creating such Wikipedia pages and articles for years and we exactly know how to showcase you or your business and help you become renowned all over the internet.

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