How Much Does It Cost To Edit a Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is the largest online encyclopedia for the world today. It is said to be the hub of information and the nucleus of the internet, just as a nucleus supports the growth of human body Wikipedia supports the growth of information on the internet. It is a sensible and smart move to create a Wikipedia page for your business, profile, art, company, etc. Many people however are bugged about how much does it cost to edit a Wikipedia page because once a page is created the need for edits never ends, and to stay in the market as a strong contestant, the Wikipedia page has to be updated no matter what.

How Much Does It Cost To Create a Wikipedia Page

The minimum cost to edit a Wikipedia page is $150, the cost may as well range from $10- $100 per hour, the rates fluctuate depending on the number of edits made. The total cost to create a Wikipedia page ranges from $300 – $3000 depending on the requirement of the page. However, most of the articles on Wikipedia fall under $400 – $800 category. The individual Wikipedia writers charge from $20 – $100 per hour and write an exceptional piece of content for your page. If you opt to create a Wikipedia business page the charges are approx. $75 per hour incurring a total cost of $500 – $5000. A normal writer would charge from $15 – $85 per hour to write for a Wikipedia page depending on the nature of the content.

Why a Wikipedia Page is Necessary for a Businesses

As mentioned above, Wikipedia is an authentic information provider over the globe. If a business wants a prominence position on the internet, it is mandatory to create a Wikipedia page. A Wikipedia page adds weightage and value to your business. It provides information in exactly 285 languages of the world, that’s 90 more languages even if one language is assigned to each country in the world. Imagine your business being live on this enormous site, you can access people worldwide in their respective languages, and not only in national but regional languages as well, there will be no communication gap between you and your targeted market because Wikipedia has sorted it all for you with its multi-lingual content options. Even if you do not write content in multiple languages, Wikipedia itself translates your content according to the need of the respective market. Isn’t that a great opportunity?

What to Do to Create Your Business’s Wikipedia Page

You can either create a page yourself or a better option is to contact a Wikipedia page creator. They create a page for your business according to what you demand for your business page. Once the page is created on your preferences the wiki consultant will write the content of your page including everything related to the business, such as products, services, mission, and vision, etc. After the content is created, they review it for any changes or amendments, and at last, the content is uploaded on your business page.

However, the needs of the readers/customers and the needs of the business change as they grow, to cater to the changes the Wikipedia consultant then edit the content on the page and keeps it up-to-date for your customers.

What to Include in a Wikipedia Business Page Content

A business page is the face of your business online, to let the world know what you are by writing about the following


Explain how you have initiated the business, what struggle you have seen in your business, and how you survived the ups and downs of the market, make an emotional connection with them to build customer loyalty.

Mission and Vision:

Let the world know what is the ultimate business goal? Where do you see the business in the long run? How are you going to accomplish it?


Write complete details of the products that your business offers, this way people would know what you have for them.


Show your revenue, net income, and profit to them so that they know how strong your business is.


Corporate Social Responsibility is the need of businesses today, if you are opting for a successful business you may also be doing it (if not, you should start paying back to the society). Let the world know how the business contributes to the wellness of the human nature and how it supports humanity overall. It creates a lifelong impact on the world and your business gets a brand name.

Wikipedia Policies to Follow for Your Business Page

Where Wikipedia allows you to market your business to a larger audience, it also expects you to follow some rules online and take care of the policies of this platform.

No plagiarized content

The content on the page should be unique and differentiated, it should not be plagiarized from any other internet source because plagiarized content only decreases the credibility of a business and nothing else, and as a result, the engagements of the page decline.

Code of Conduct

To stay online, following the code of conduct is a core value. If any business page fails to abide the obligations, it has to say good bye to Wikipedia or either has to pay the penalty.

Respect for competitors

In order to gain respect it is essential to give respect, online business pages are usually in competition to each other to grab audience’s attention, however, while competing, it is a basic rule to respect each business, its values and its standing in the market.

Purposed deletion

Wikipedia does not allow deletion of anyone’s business page through your reference. It is not your concern to know what others are doing or if you like their actions or no. Internet has given everyone the freedom of expression and following that, your business cannot delete any competitor’s account whatever the situation maybe.


The legal policies should be followed, which are to not post any harmful, inappropriate or offensive content for anyone. Also, no content against any government or its law enforcement departments should be posted.

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